Why you should rent a bus for your Singapore Tours – Singapore is our home. Right now with the pandemic going around, there is barely any tourism in Singapore.

With many of the tourist not coming in, Singapore has switched to wanting locals to tour the nation by using the SG Rediscover vouchers.

For most people that is great because you get to have $100 off going to the local tourism hot spots without having to squeeze your way through the many people during normal times.

The fact of having lesser people means more enjoyment.

So now we want to discuss why you should consider renting a business in Singapore through our Singapore Bus chartering services.

Chartering a bus can be a very easy thing to do for most people who might want to travel in a slightly bigger group.

When you travel with a bit more people, taxi might not be the best way because you can only fit 4 people.

The bus services that we can provide can go up to 8 pax to keep within legal limits.

It will be great for your family to travel in style and see more places within a day.

Tour Singapore with such a cool option will help you and your family to save time and money when you travel around Singapore.

Bus rental can be made easy with us by working closely with us for your booking needs.

Friend of Bus works closely with corporates and events to provide transportation needs for many people.

We are able to work closely with you to schedule the needs for your business when you need them.

It is great for you to travel in style and if you need such travel arrangements you can speak to us to work on something for you and your business.

Why you should rent a bus for your Singapore Tours

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