Bus rental can be a very easy thing but it could also mean a lot for your staff members who might be spending a lot on transport everyday, to and fro your work place.

Some offices are not located in the most accessible places in Singapore and this is a big problem because if it is not easy to reach, it is not easy for you to find people who are willing to transport themselves there to work and then take the same long periods of time to get to their homes after work.

The good thing is, bus rental services in Singapore can help you solve this problem. The easy way out is to charter bus in singapore to get them to get from the closest MRT Station to your work place, this will save them a lot of time and money if they had to take a public bus. We all know the difficulties of getting public buses and we all do not really like to squeeze on public buses. They take a long interval to come and it might cause a lot of irritation especially when boarding during peak hours can be tough.

So as a welfare project, some companies do provide bus chartering services for their staff members to be transported say from the factory grounds in Jurong either to the closest populous area, some even provide them to a central location in the country.

With such welfare benefits, the interest for people who want to work for your far flung company will increase and this will mean you being able to find good talents to assist in your company.

The other reason for bus rental services in Singapore is also how low the cost can be if done as a group of people. When you get a group of 40 people onto a bus, the price can be a couple of hundreds a month.

Based on a per head cost, this cost can be quite a lot cheaper than having to pay your staff additional transport allowances for taking a taxi or even for bus transport because we all know that public transport cost has been rising and it makes sense when you have the economies of scale on your side.

Corporate companies know that when they save cost, they increase profits and this move is not only just a profitable move for the company , it can bring great welfare benefits that will give you even more returns when it comes to company morale.

If you require corporate bus rental services in Singapore, do contact friend of bus and we will give you a quote you cannot resist.

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