How to Rent or Charter a Bus in Singapore – There are many reasons to rent a bus in Singapore. When you want to travel in style or in a big group, the best way to do it is to rent or charter a bus in Singapore.

There are various kinds of bus chartering that we do here in Friend of Bus:

  1. Event Rentals
  2. Corporate Fixed Timing Charters
  3. Tour Group Rentals
  4. Short Term Rentals
  5. Long Term Rentals

Renting a bus can be easy but you may not be familiar with how to do it.

For those who have no done it, maybe a little tutorial or explanations might be helpful.

So lets begin our guide on “How to Rent or Charter a Bus in Singapore”.


Step 1: Figure out if you need a Bus Chartering Service or not

This is the first step and an important step, whether you will even need the transport services or not.

For most people, maybe your group is small, you might just need to get a car or a taxi.

If you are someone who likes to drive and get to places by yourself, self driving might be a good option.

Of course, by driving yourself, you will end up having to find parking and also needing to be familiar with the routes and also the locations.

By having a bus transport ready for you, you call the driver to come by when you are ready to go.

And when you reach your destination you just get off.

So the golden question is your requirements for flexibility and also size needs for your group size and requirements.


Step 2: Decide on the size and type of Bus you need

The size of the bus you require, depends on the size of the group you are traveling with.

We all know that a bigger transport will mean that cost is much higher due to fuel cost.

So if you are traveling with say a small group of 10, a small bus will be a better choice than a 40 seater.

But if you are a tour group full of people and luggage, then we will strongly recommend you go for the 40 seater bus to make your budget more worthwhile.


Step 3: Contacting the Respective Vendors

Once you have decided that you need the bus transport services, you should contact us at Friend of Bus.

Our friendly sales staff will find out more information about your needs and assign the driver for your assignment.

We will also keep in contact with you if any issues pop up.

Always remember to find a trusted source for your vendors so that you can get the best service for your bus rental needs.


Step 4: Setting the time and date or recurrent days and time

You should let us know where and when to meet you up for the job and also your start point and end point and any points in between.

If this projects are recurrent, we can work on a long term discount for you.

But we will also need to know the timing and destinations to see if we can assist you with this particular trip.


Step 5: Get to the pick up point at the time of requirement

Getting to the pick up point is important because after or before your trip, the driver may have other jobs.

If you are late, you will end up making things difficult for the driver and this will affect all the jobs afterwards.

We will leave enough buffer time to ensure we are able to deliver the job but some customers do cause a stall in our timings which is very bad for others.

To make the journey as enjoyable for everyone, we will hope that customers will understand this strict requirement of being on time!

We thank you for helping us deliver high quality coach chartering services for you and the next bus rental client.


Step 6: Feedback on coach charter service provided and areas of improvement

After using the transport services, it will be great for you to provide feedback on the cleanliness of the bus and also whether the driver was on time.

This can help the company to improve on their offerings and also how well the service was done.

We work closely with every feedback so that we can work out what is best for our drivers and also for the customers.

Friend of Bus is always committed to becoming better for our clients and we love to hear feedback from our customers.

People who use our services are the best to give us honest feedback and we appreciate it!


Friend of Bus is a Singapore based bus chartering service company that has worked with many major companies and also individuals to provide high quality transport solutions.

We work closely with our customers to ensure high quality and timely delivery of our services.

We hope to see you soon with our buses on stand by.

Singapore Bus Rental can be easy for you and your company.

We hope to work closely with you to provide high quality service for the long term.

Contact our Sales Team right now to get a quotation and also briefing on how to get the rental done.

Thank you for reading our article on “How to Rent or Charter a Bus in Singapore”.


How to Rent or Charter a Bus in Singapore

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