Are you someone from a School and needing some buses for excursion buses in Singapore for your students to go to a certain venue?

Or are you looking to do a long term assignment with buses for your corporate bus rental needs to your factory and back to a location maybe a MRT station or a more central location.

There are many requirements when it comes to chartering of buses in Singapore.

In Singapore, buses are a very convenient way of transport because there are certain far flung locations in Singapore that is not that accessible through public transport.

So how do you arrange for a bus rental services in Singapore and what are some of the things that you should pay attention to when you want to make a special booking or when you want to do a long term arrangement with Friend of Bus Singapore bus rental company:

  1. Find out your requirements

    You might need a few buses for an excursion bus arrangement, especially if you are from a school, most schools will usually go out of their school grounds for activities as a group or as a level and this can mean a few hundred people that are going to need to be transported from one location to another. This will mean a more coordinated logistical challenge and if you need this amount, you will need to book the arrangement with a company way earlier so that they are able to support you with the number of buses that you will require.

    If you are planning to do a factory transport, then there will be contracts involved. Because for such arrangements, usually the minimum will be 1 month and this can last till a few month or years if there are no issues with the contractual terms.

    Find out what you need before you communicate with the vendor and the vendors will be able to give you the best advise on what will fit you the most and what types of buses will assist you in your needs.

  2. What is your budget

    You have needs but you might not have the budget, this can be arranged, some vendors do have older buses that may cost a little lesser to run and therefore be cheaper, but budget wise it is hard to lower in Singapore because most of the bulk goes into manpower and manpower for driving buses is hard to come by in Singapore.

    Singaporean bus drivers are in short supply so sometimes it can really be a painful experience to find drivers to assist with the jobs that will be done for most of projects that are required in Singapore.

  3. What types of buses will you like to get

    Based on requirements, there are 40 seat buses and there are also 15 seat buses. If you require one that is of a certain size then you will need to find out what types of buses are needed.

    If it is a luxury group, you might want one with nice leather seats, if its just a short trip maybe any bus will do.

Bus rental services in Singapore are a special type of needs. Find out more and work closely with Friend of Bus Singapore

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