7 Different Types of Bus Rental & Chartering Services in Singapore – Have you rented a bus before in Singapore?

Most people in Singapore will have problem got onto a big 40 over seater bus and felt excited going on excursions during their schooling years.

There are probably people who have been sheltered from point A to point B in a big 45 seater bus to attend a meeting or a gathering or event.

There are so many different forms of Bus Rental and Chartering Services needs in Singapore that makes this market a very interesting space for Entrepreneurs.

Let us now share with you 7 Different Types of Bus Rental & Chartering Services in Singapore:


1. Event Bus Rental

Event Bus Rental

Singapore is very popular for events such as Marathons and major shows such as Air Shows and Yacht Shows.

Most of the VIPs or participants are usually housed in hotels in the town area.

It may not be feasible to get 50 taxis to transport them.

So some companies choose to hire an event bus rental service from companies like Friend of Bus to help with transporting them to and fro the venue and their hotels.

This is also a preferred choice by the authorities as the roads will get jammed up if there are too many transport vehicles coming in and out of the event venue.

It also saves on fuel and is better for the environment as a whole.

Also less costly too!


2. Excursion Bus Chartering

Excursion Bus Chartering

Every student in Singapore will defnitely love the feeling when they go on excurisions.

Excursions are when you visit all the interesting places in Singapore, from Sungei Buloh to the Zoo or even some special places like historical places of Singapore.

Excursions are also when the 45 seater bus comes over to your school and pick up your whole class to move off to the location.

And probably 3-4 hours later, the huge bus will return again to pick you up and drop you back to school.



3. Regular School Bus Rental

Regular School Bus Rental

The regular school bus is what some students will take to and fro school.

Especially during primary school days, you pay a fixed fee that will cost your parents around a few hundred a month and you must be there at the pick up location on time!

If you are too late, the bus conductor will decide to move off without you on the school bus!

This is also the time where many primary school students get to meet their travel buddies.

This is usually also a two way transport, where they get send to school and back using the school bus routes.



4. Corporate Bus Rental

Corporate Bus Rental

Some companies have the perks of transport into their locations.

This is especially so for locations located in more far flung locations.

Locations such as Sembawang, Joo Koon, Pioneer or parts of Changi.

As such locations are located far away from public transport, if not transport is provided, usually it is very hard to hire.

And to ease this, special buses will be arranged to get people to and from work.

Corporates can have a fix schedule with us to get a corporate bus rental done for your companies!



5. Late Night Corporate Bus Chartering

Different Types of Bus Rental & Chartering Services in Singapore

Similar in nature but the difference is for late night workers.

Clubs and bars usually open till late.

And when it is late, there are no longer any public transportation services.

Employees may stay quite a distance away and if they have to take taxis back home, it may cost you a lot more than getting a late night bus transport services.

The bus or mini bus can send your employees to 5-10 locations safely and at a much more economical price!



6. Tour Bus Chartering

Different Types of Bus Rental & Chartering Services in Singapore


Most popular form of transport for tour groups.

If you have a small group or a big group, the best way to see Singapore is through the use of a Tour Bus.

The Tour Bus can help you save on transport cost and also keeping everyone together makes it easier to coordinate the group to see many locations within a day.

Rent your tour bus with Friend of Bus and be glad you did so that you see more of Singapore with less time spent!



7. Mini Bus Airport Transfer

Different Types of Bus Rental & Chartering Services in Singapore


Last but not the least.

Nothing speaks of comfort than a mini bus to fetch up your customers to send them to their hotels.

Or to transport your small group of guest around the island.

The mini bus is easy to travel around the country and also very convenient and comfortable.

Rent a mini bus for airport transfer today!


Friend of Bus is a Singapore Bus Rental Services operator that has a large fleet ready to assist you with your needs.

We have a team of drivers ready to assist you in all forms of Singapore Bus Chartering Services needs.

Speak to us to find out more about how we can assist you in your business or personal needs.

7 Different Types of Bus Rental & Chartering Services in Singapore

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